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 Marietta GA Sprinkler Repair & Service

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Cobb Irrigation Systems has been installing irrigation for over 30 years. And since a large part of our business is based on repair work, our technicians are highly-trained with years of field experience to install and service all sprinkler systems.

Whether you want installation of a new sprinkler system, or you have an existing sprinklers that needs service - don't be concerned as we can help. We are familiar with all brands of irrigation. We even repair older systems that aren't in existence anymore but are operable. In fact, our service vehicles are fully-stocked with parts for most sprinkler repair jobs that come up. Cobb Irrigation has a list of references we're happy to share with you. Just give our office a call at (770) 439-1067 for more information. We're Marietta irrigation experts and as such, we often conduct audits of existing sprinkler systems. Have us come out to inspect your system today. We may find damage you're not aware of yet!

Drainage Work - Dallas, Hiram and Marietta GA
We also perform drainage projects, to ensure rain water is moving away from danger zones on your property. Irrigation is much more than just sprinklers. Many other contractors do not offer such services, but Cobb Irrigation Systems lives for this. If you are not protecting your property from the dangers of natural water, you are taking an unnecessary gamble. If you've got a problem with poor drainage that goes untreated, you not only add a flood risk to your yard but you can also experience instability in your home's foundation or other problems.

Cobb Irrigation's expert technicians will explore a variety of ways to help solve your water problems before they get any worse. We can install strategic drains that divert the water, or other possible solutions such as a dry creek bed with rocks to help with seasonal deluges of water. We won't just help with a current drainage issue - we will be sure to provide you with a solution that works for your property for the long term.